Fanatage ball

Snowflake items!

The 2013 Winter Ball is Here!Edit

Wear items that look SO nice on you!Catching snowflakes,

earning items, this event has it all!

We’ve turned the ice rink into a Winter Ball extravaganza!Edit

Buy special ball costumes and head to Uptown and Downtown to collect falling snowflakes! Collect 10 of each color snowflake to win cool prizes and Stars! Then, let the fashion judge rate your winter ball style to win even more prizes and Stars! Wear any new winter ball item in fashion show and get extra points for ths Snowy Theme.We’re looking forward to seeing you there…be sure to dress your best!

Buy these Snowflake Hunt items to catch snowflakes around Fantage!Edit

Catching snowflakes, makes it a snowy world!It looks so awesome when you just wear those items!Edit


The beach

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