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Purchasing ​MembershipsEdit

Memberships can be purchased in the Memberships & ecoins store. Premium members get benifits that non-members can't get. The memberships only last for a limited time.

Sometimes purchasing a membership incudes an item and ecoins. The item changes during the month.



A membership is just something that will allow you to go to special places and buy starred items (which means you buy them with ecoins of you have to be a member to get them) with stars. But, after your membership ends... the stuff you bought with stars can never be used again: unless you buy ecoins to get the items back or you get another membership



Ecoins are way better because you can use them to buy every single item you want and the items will last forever! Unlike a membership where they go away after a short period of time. 

If you ask me, it's best to buy ecoins. There are a little less benifits but at least the items last forever- unless you die or something...

_________________________________________________________________________________________   Payment choises:



-American Express

-Discover Network

-Ultimate game card


-Karma Koin

-Interac Online

-Insta Debit


-Check, Money Order

-Western Union


-Boku   (Tip: If you have a Ultimate Game card you can get extra points to buy ecoins or a membership.)


Benefit                                                                         Non-members / Premium Members 

Safe filtered chat                                                           

Benefit Non-members Premium Members
Safe filtered chat
Play awesome minigames
Access to premium, luxury, and rare items
Level up faster with premium only medals
Monthly allowance of 5000 stars
FREE monthly member gift
Collect all pets
Purchase double star coupons
Recieve DOUBLE eCoins with purchase

  yes                           yes

Play awesome mini games                                                yes                           yes

Access to premium, luxury and rare items                        no                             yes

Level up faster with premium member only medals          no                             yes

Monthly allowance of 5000 stars                                       no                             yes

FREE monthly member gift                                               no                             yes

Collect all pets                                                                    no                             yes

Purchase double star coupons                                          no                             yes

Recieve DOUBLE ecoins with purchase                             no                             yes                  

After getting membershipEdit

After getting a membership you can click on manage account.It will say Become a member manage your account and cancel your recurring membership.

You can get more items and get double star coupons! Collect all medals and host a party.


Manage accountEdit

Manage account will say your user, when you joined, your status, when you lose your membership, billing type,

your ecoins and what you ordered

This will cancel your reccuring membership or the membership you are using now.

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